1. Entry fee for each photo is $5.00.
  2. Each vote costs $2.00.
  3. All money will be a donation to Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc.
  4. All photos must belong to you and be of Boston Terriers in your household .
  5. Enter as many photos as you like, vote as often as you like.
  6. Entries can be placed at any time during the contest
  7. Voting ends at 8:00 pm EST 10/31
  8. Winner will be announced on the BTRFL Facebook page at the end of the contest.
  9. We reserve the right to deny submission if entry is judged to be inappropriate or offensive content.
  10. All photos must be uploaded; sorry, we cannot accept hard copies.
  11. On your pet’s entry, there is a share button that lets you share and ask for votes on Facebook and other social media websites.