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Total Raised $918.00
To vote, make a small donation to Positive Tails. The money you donate goes directly to them. There are no fees collected. The Canine Corner monitors the winners of the contest, and does not handle donations. This contest is 100% for charity. To read more about Positive Tails, go to their website at The top three contestants will be announced via The Canine Corner social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) on November 1st. Winners receive gift cards to The Canine Corner. Have fun and let's make a difference!
Giuseppe the Ewok
1st 36
Buster, the yawning Superman
2nd 36
Max the Cow
3rd 35
Morris as Superman
4th 33
Edith in a Poodle skirt
5th 29
Rigsby the Hot Dog
6th 27
Ernie the Skeleton
7th 15
Quincy the Bee
8th 12
Lulu the Skeleton
9th 9
Cali, the Royal Supergirl
10th 2
Kiwi the Superhero
11th 1
Zoey as Wonderwoman
12th 0
Sadie the Baseball Player
13th 0
Pancake the Taco
14th 0
Bruno the Peacock
15th 0