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Schnauzer Love Rescue's Halloween Costume Contest

Do you dress up your Schnauzer in costume for Halloween?

Schnauzer Love Rescue is hosting a Halloween Costume contest and would love to have everyone participate in this fun event.

It's easy and fun!! For a small entry fee of just $5.00 you can submit your photo of your schnauzer in his/her Halloween costume and then everyone can cast their votes ($1.00 per vote) to see who has the best Halloween costume!! The winner with the most votes will win a special gift bag filled with treats, toys, and a $50 PetCo gift card, and the runners up will be featured in the next newsletter.

You will need to Sign Up and Log In to submit a photo for the contest. You may vote without logging in.

And of course all money collected from entries and votes is tax deductible and goes to help Schnauzer Love Rescue to pay medical and other expenses for the pups in our foster program who are awaiting their furever home.

For more info about Schnauzer Love Rescue, please visit

Chicken Bo and Dad Steve "Colonel Sanders"
1st 436
Halloween Prison Break (starring…Rapunzal, Bud, Gansta, & Buzz)
2nd 404
Darth Vader
3rd 155
The Barnyard Crew - Zeke & Chloe
4th 124
Queen Bee
5th 85
Cochi the Energizer Bunny
6th 75
Chef Butter and Lobster SLR Jake
7th 72
Bo Peep and the sheep
8th 50
Rudy Minnie Mouse aka Boo Boy
9th 50
My squirrels
10th 50
Cowboy Sunny
11th 42
Little elf
12th 34
Penny and foster brother Tony
13th 33
My Little Bee
14th 27
15th 26
16th 25
Bad Dog Goliath
17th 20
Ella & Benji
18th 20
Happy Howloween!
19th 19
Pumpkin pie
20th 15
The good witch
21st 15
Sophie Snickers
22nd 15
Max- The Snuggle Goat!
23rd 12
My Little devil "Smokie"
24th 7