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Guarantee your dog(s) a spot in the calendar!

For an additional $20, you can submit their dog's photo for a particular day ... e.g., their "gotcha/adoptiversary" day.

Your dog's photo will appear on the day of your choice. Just choose your favorite (high quality) photo of your pet and then choose the day and pay! Once a date has been paid for it is reserved and will no longer be available.

You may chose up to 5 dates and 5 photos per form. First come first served! All decisions are final.

First Annual SDSR Calendar Photo Contest!!

This contest is for SDSR dogs and their furry friends.
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Celebrate the upcoming year with San Diego Spaniel Rescue by honoring our pets and helping us rescue more dogs in 2018! All profits from this contest will help to pay for medical costs, housing, food and other necessities so we can save abandoned, abused and homeless spaniels.

The top 12 vote getters will be featured in the 2018 San Diego Spaniel Rescue calendar! See the rules page for information on submitting photos and for more prizes!

For more information about San Diego Spaniel Rescue, visit our website

Puppy in the garden
1st 193
Iris - Blind dogs are beautiful!
2nd 157
Loki chillin' in "his" bed!
3rd 110
Buddy Perry
4th 105
Charles the All-American Cocker Boy
5th 100
6th 86
Allie - getting ready to do her Therapy Dog duties
7th 70
8th 69
Stu, Emma, and Pia as pups
9th 67
Baby Boy Button & Baron
10th 67
Water logged
11th 66
Are we going on a road trip?
12th 62
Sadie Baby says: "Play with me!"
13th 56
Brew Pup
14th 49
Christmas cutie!
15th 37
Kipsie bear and her brother
16th 32
Camping with Chloe
17th 27
Sadie Loves Christmas
18th 25
Hi, I'm Butters!
19th 24
Sofie adopted from SDSR
20th 15
Momma's little helper : )
21st 12
My sweet Emma!
22nd 11
Mocha and Buster in Spring
23rd 10
Mocha and Buster in Fall
24th 10