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How To Vote Informatoin
You can vote as often as you like! Votes will be displayed on the contest homepage as they come in. Vote early, vote often, and encourage friends and families to vote. Best of all, proceeds from the entry fee and votes will help SHC continue their commitment to those majestic animals and horse crazy people. The cost is $1 per vote with a minimum purchase of $5, then it is $1 for each vote after that.

How to Vote

  1. Click on a contestant which can be found on the Homepage.
  2. Change the number of votes to what you want to contribute.
  3. Click "Update Total" and then click "Vote" to make your purchase via PayPal or through your Vote Piggy Bank.
  4. To vote for more contestants, click on Home on the menu at the top of screen.

Ways To Vote

There Are Two Ways To Vote

  1. Purchase votes directly from the horse’s page - there is a $5 minimum for each purchase so if you want to vote for multiple pets, you would have to make a $5 purchase each time. If you have an account, log out.
  2. Purchase votes in advance to be stored in your Piggy Bank where you can award those votes to as many (or as few) horses as desired - no minimum of votes per horse - just a $5 minimum purchase. By purchasing votes in advance, you can give one horse 3 votes and another 2 votes or you could give 5 horses 1 vote each.
Purchasing Votes in Advance - My Piggy Bank

Use the Piggy Bank if you want to vote for more than one horse - that way you only have to check out once.

  1. Log in or create and account and you will be taken to your account dashboard where you can buy votes, view recent votes, view contest entries, and update your profile.
  2. Select the blue My Piggy Bank button in the Dashboard.
  3. Enter the number of votes you would like to purchase in the white box - there is a $5 minimum.
  4. Click "Update Total" button - the total number of votes will populate on the blue "Vote" button at the bottom of screen - click this button to purchase via PayPal.
  5. Now it's time to Vote! Return to the Homepage and click on the entry you want to vote for.
  6. On the entrant's page, update the number of votes you want to give in the white box below the photo and then click "Vote". Those votes will be deducted from your Piggy Bank.
  7. To see which entries you voted for, return to the "Dashboard" and then click "My Votes".
  8. Purchase more votes in either your dashboard or through a contestant's page by clicking on Piggy Bank.
***All votes must be used by the contest end date. Unused votes will not roll over to the next year and cannot be refunded.