Saddlewood Horse Club is nestled among several acres in Cape Coral. The covered riding arena, jumping arena, racetrack, and round arena, meet the need for many riding levels and styles. Riders of all ages come to our family orientated stable to learn about horsemanship, riding, and develop a deep and often lifelong love to animals. We have residents of all ages from our babies to our seniors who live out their life at Saddlewood with many horses more than 30 years of age. Dogs, cats, and bunnies are always around to meet and greet (we foster too).

Saddlewood Horse Club hosts parties and our very affordable monthly Horse Interaction Day gives kids the opportunity to get hand-on with horses. Community work is part of the family’s philosophy. After the storm we lost about 75% of our fencing, some metal roof, one site of shingle roof, and wood here and there. All of our animals made it through safely and all were accounted for. Our staff worked very hard to mend and open up right after the storm. Donations from boarders and students helped us getting started to repairs and replacements. The proceeds of the calendar will hopefully finish fencing and repairs.

Please continue to be part of our Saddlewood Horse Club Family. We create childhood dreams and memories for all ages. Giddy-up!