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++ Saddlewood Horse Club 2018 Annual Calendar Contest ++

click the ☆ "Star of the Day" ☆ above to Reserve your special day for $5

Calling all riders and horse lovers! Celebrate your favorite photogenic horse, pony, mini, and of course rider and support our first fundraiser. Be a star in our first annual calendar, either on a page, as a star of the day, or even the cover! Open to all present and former Saddlewood Horse Club horses and riders including camps and events.

How It Works

  • Photo's are submitted for $10 each until November 12th, 2017. Voting opens up on the submissions on October 10th, 2017.
  • Vote early and vote often. Every dollar donated earns one vote, so vote as many times as you like! Ask friends and family to vote too!
  • The top 13 online vote-getters will earn a spot in the calendar, with the most popular photo shown on the cover.

*See Official Rules for Details

How To Vote

Click on a contestant which can be found on the Homepage.
  • Change the number of votes to what you want to contribute.
  • Click "Update Total" and then click "Vote" to make your purchase via PayPal or through your Vote Piggy Bank.
  • To vote for more contestants, click on Home on the menu at the top of

There Are Two Ways To Vote

  1. Purchase votes directly from the horse’s page - there is a $5 minimum for each purchase so if you want to vote for multiple pets, you would have to make a $5 purchase each time. If you have an account, log out.
  2. Purchase votes in advance to be stored in your Piggy Bank where you can award those votes to as many (or as few) horses as desired - no minimum of votes per horse - just a $5 minimum purchase. By purchasing votes in advance, you can give one horse 3 votes and another 2 votes or you could give 5 horses 1 vote each.

*Using your Piggy Bank

Reserve "Star Of The Day"

How to Reserve a Calendar Day for Your Horse or Rider Combo.It’s easy to showcase your beloved photo as a STAR of the Day. You just need a photo of the horse (or rider with horse) and $5 per entry fee, submitted between October 10th and November 12th, 2017. Great for the rider’s birthday too! What a great surprise for any rider or horse crazy child. Every day has ONE STAR of the Day entry so buy quickly.

*Buy STAR of the Day

Angel Amira
1st 100
Autumn and Teddy
2nd 82
The American Dream
3rd 56
Doc & Bravo
4th 42
The Nice List
5th 37
Pandora & Mr. Ricky
6th 33
Hannah and Pandora
7th 26
Autumn and Teddy
8th 26
TnT & Tatum
9th 25
Golden Girl
10th 10
Magical Time
11th 9
Tinker Bell
12th 8
13th 6
The Rockin Doc
14th 6
Sleeping in
15th 4
Cherokee & Lilly
16th 3
Providence Says Hello
17th 2
Eye C U
18th 1
Say Cheese!
19th 1
Ready to ride!
20th 0