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About Project Freedom Ride

Project Freedom Ride was created by Jennifer McConn in 2016. She set up this program and platform to get rescued dogs that weren’t locally adopted sent from Texas to Washington to find their forever homes. The biggest hurdle has been the transportation costs needed to get these dogs from Texas to Washington. PFR is Not a nonprofit yet, although we hope it to be soon.

So far, in only 1 month, PFR has facilitated the transfer of 55 dogs from TX rescues to rescues in WA. Of those 55 dogs, all have been adopted. Many of these dogs sat in Texas shelters for months, then in Texas rescues for months, if not a year plus. They have now gone on the Freedom Ride to Washington to find loving forever families within days, if not hours, of arriving to Washington State. It has truly been amazing to watch.

Future Freedom Rides

Our January 30th transfer of 59 dogs will cost us just under $10,000. There is no skimping. These dogs will make a 4 day trip in a very high class transport trailer built for situations such as these. Every single dollar donated helps save their lives or the life of the dog that replaces them in the rescue.

We have more transfers coming in the future and would love to be able to say they are funded with the help of this fundraiser. Please help Project Freedom Ride make this happen for these dogs! More than ever we need your support!!

Also feel free to follow Project Freedom Ride on Facebook where you can find updates on adoptions and other information.