Photo Contest

1) Contest will run from August 1 5AM EST through September 21 5PM EST.

2) Top 6 cats and Top 6 dogs will comprise the animals in the calendar. Voting for Top Overall Dog and Cat will be done at the dinner on October 28th at 7PM at The Heritage House in Mooresville NC. The Top 6 Dog photos & the Top 6 Cat photos will be voted on for the honor of being the Top Dog winner & Top Cat winner. You must be present at the dinner to vote for the Top Dog & Top Cat winners. Each will win a prize valued at $1000.

3) Only dog and/or cat photos that have been rescued are allowed, they don't have to have been rescued by us (* no people allowed in photos). Members of the PAR family are eligible to participate.

4) There is a donation of $5 per photo entered. Votes are a $1 donation per vote for up to 9 votes. $.80 donation per vote from 10 to 24 votes, and a $.70 donation per vote for 25 votes on. The more votes you donate the more you get for your donation!! You can vote as often as you want for the duration of the contest.

5) If there is a tie between 6th & 7th place in either or both categories, PAR will determined the winner, all decisions are final and by entering you are agreeing to abide by the outcome determined by PAR.

6) Be sure your photos are focused, sharp and clear. PAR will determine if photo quality is good enough for the calendar, if not see photo shoot option below. Every photo should have a short description about the animals story and how that animal has changed as a result of their adoption, this information will not be shown with the pic while online it will only be used for the Calendar. We also need the name of the rescue that they were adopted from, ** to verify they are rescued.


If you are a winner and local to the area we have a photographer reserved to take a new photo if your photo is the winner for a holiday month, it may be a fun option or if your photo quality isn't good enough for the calendar. This is an option any local winner can choose if they want to or if necessary because of photo quality. This would only apply if you are local and can get to the photographers location.

1) Photo shoot will take place the first week of October for anyone taking advantage of this offer.

2) The calendar will be ready for distribution at the dinner on October 28th in Mooresville NC. and on our website after that.

* (this will prevent outside bias and anyone advertising there own interests)
** ( this will not show during the contest during any time)

Disclaimer: Any photos entered into the contest become the property of PAR and may be used in future advertising and in any future projects or events.