Contest will end on September 21st, 2017 - 17:00 [EDT]
Total Raised $910.00
PAR Calendar Photo Contest

We Are Having A Cutest Pet Photo Contest!!

-- Ties will be determined by PAR, all decisions are final --

-- Voting has begun ... Good Luck everyone! --
(you can enter & vote right up to the last minute)

Only rescued dogs or cats are allowed, they don't have to have been rescued by us, they can be adopted from any rescue.

You can enter now but the contest voting won't start until August 1st at 5AM EST. The contest will run through September 21st 5PM EST. See Rules for complete entering and voting details.

If you want to enter a photo or buy votes to piggy bank and use later you must sign up for an account. There is a $5.00 donation to enter.

All the money raised will help PAR continue to rescue homeless animals and provide medical and/or any other needs so they can be placed in their forever homes. The top 12 animals will be featured in the calendar. The Top Dog and Top Cat will each win a prize valued at $1000!!

What are you waiting for enter and tell your family and friends to vote for your furball!

Disclaimer: All photos entered into the contest may be used in future advertising and in any future projects or events.
Lizzy May
1st 195
Abby Leigh
2nd 195
Precious Mags
3rd 133
4th 121
5th 101
6th 100
7th 76
Libby Lu
8th 51
Mooch aka Moochie Pie
9th 35
10th 25
11th 20
Charlie and Chloe ( C&C)
12th 10
Charlie warming his buns
13th 7
14th 6
15th 5
16th 5
17th 5
My little Rem Rem
18th 5
19th 5
Mickey the Mooch
20th 1
Macy Grace
21st 1
22nd 1
23rd 1
24th 1