Open to past or current NEBTR foster dogs

Photos must be AT LEAST 200 PPI to enlarge for the calendar. Less clarity and your photo will become a blur, (much like the year seems when looking back lol)

$5 to enter

$2 per vote

The photos with the most votes will be the featured dog for a month. Months will be assigned by the calendar artist. In the case of a tie, the dog who received the most votes first, will be considered the winner.

Contest ends 12/05/16 at 8pm Eastern Time

Days can be purchased for $10 by anyone, NEBTR alum or not. They will be sold in a first come first served basis.

Please send $10 for each day you would like to purchase via Pay Pal, to along with your requested date, and photo. Check to see if your date has already been reserved by someone else on the "Dates Sold" page.