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Total Raised $3,247.00

Chewy's Hope Heroes and Hounds Photo Contest
Welcome to Chewy's Hope Photo Contest! This is how it for your favorite picture as many times as you want for $1/vote. Each photo winner will be placed as the main photo (one for each month and department) for our 2017 Chewy's Hope Heroes and Hounds/Wise County's Finest calendar. Help us support Chewy's Hope Dog Rescue and Wise County's Finest!! (Please see rules and prizes for more information)
(Remember you are voting against your own department photos and who ever has the most votes for your department will be the picture that represents you in the calendar)
Best part about voting, it's all tax deductible since we are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.
Chief Mike & Truman Chico Fire Department
1st 900
Decatur Firefighter & Ruger
2nd 370
Boyd Fire Department #2 with Aries & Dobie
3rd 350
Alvord Fire Department #1 with Willow & Honey Baby
4th 335
Assistant Chief with Dobie Boyd Fire Department
5th 275
Paradise Fire Department Firefighters Group #2
6th 110
Bridgeport Fire Department with Mitch, Zane and Deana
7th 105
Boyd Firefighter Rhine & Aries
8th 71
Boyd Police Department with Jack
9th 50
Rhome Fire Department Group #1 with Simon, CB and Duke
10th 48
Gabriel & Tate
11th 41
Decatur Police with Ruger & Fancy
12th 40
Decatur Fire Department #1 with Fancy & Ruger
13th 40
Decatur Motorcycle Police officer & Ruger
14th 37
Wise Health System with Lilly, Willow and CB
15th 36
Decatur Fire Department #2 with Fancy & Ruger
16th 25
Chico Fire Department #2 with Olive, Truman, & Berta
17th 20
Air-Evac LifeTeam members with Robyn and Donovan
18th 15
Chico Fire Department #1 with Truman, Olive & Berta
19th 15
Air-Evac LifeTeam member with Robyn
20th 11
Air-Evac LifeTeam with Robyn and Donovan
21st 11
Decatur Fire Department Group #2 with Ruger
22nd 7
Bridgeport Fire department Group #1 with Mitch, Zane and Deana
23rd 5
Decatur Firefighter & Ruger
24th 5