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Furmageddon: The Ultimate Pet Photo Contest
Furmageddon: The Ultimate Pet Photo Contest is the purrfect way for proud pet parents to show off their furry, fluffy, and feathered friends for the chance to win pawsome prizes and bragging rights.

Voting Period: September 24th - October 15th, 2019

To vote for any pet, chose the pet's photo and follow the 'Sign Up' instructions to create an account. If you already have an account, chose the number of votes you'd like to cast for your pet selection and click 'Vote.' If you'd like to vote for more than one pet, repeat the process for the additional pet. There is a $5.00 voting fee per vote, per pet. Proceeds from voting fees go directly to Hub City Animal Project to fund their mission.

The two photos with the most votes will take home cash prizes and pet-friendly swag from local businesses. Winners will be announced at the Furmageddon celebration on October 20, 2018. Click here for full event details. Visit the 'Rules' page for full contest details.

At Hub City Animal Project, we're all about building a community of people who love animals and want to keep them happy, healthy, and safe. That's why all proceeds from Furmageddon: The Ultimate Pet Photo Contest directly benefit Hub City Animal Project and our mission to fight animal homelessness in Spartanburg County through funding, education, and collaboration.

Weezie Berline
1st 101
My only trick
2nd 78
3rd 58
Honey hiding from the mean mockingbird!
4th 30
5th 25
Piper Hobbes Wright
6th 19
Gus’ Teeth
7th 10
Rooster the rescue
8th 10
Millie Beatrice
9th 8
Sam Saad
10th 5
11th 5
Gigi Smith
12th 5
Fat Cat Weezy
13th 5
14th 4
Flossie’s New Beginning
15th 4
Honey’s Visit from a Special Friend
16th 3
A hound named Burton Guster
17th 3
Rosa Barks - Senior, Sassy and Southern!
18th 2
Easter Abby
19th 2
20th 1
Roxie Rescue
21st 1
22nd 1
Bruce Wayne - Running for Mayor!
23rd 1
24th 1