Contest will end on August 31st, 2017 - 18:00 [CDT]
My Rescue is EPIC Calendar 2018
  • You must first sign up for an account to submit a photo entry.
  • Only rescued pets are allowed to enter, they don't have to be rescued by EPIC, they can be rescued by and/or adopted from any rescue or shelter.
  • The top 12 pets will each be featured in the calendar.
  • The "top dog" (pet with the most votes, not limited to dogs) will receive a surprise gift!
  • Picture submissions will begin July 22nd, 2017 and end at July 31st, 2017 at 12:00am.
  • Voting begins August 1st, 2017 will end August, 31st.
  • See Rules for complete details.

All money raised will help EPIC continue their rescue efforts and cover medical/veterinary and training expenses for our EPIC dogs .

Star for a Day

For a donation of $20 you can pick a date and guarantee your pet a spot in the calendar as the Star for a Day!

EPIC Rescue

EPIC Rescue is a foster-based 501c3 charity located in Central Illinois. We have no bricks and mortar facility so all donations go directly to the care of the dogs we have in our program. We work directly with municipal animal shelters and other licensed rescues to help end the euthanasia of healthy and adoptable dogs We do NOT take owner surrendered pets, but will assist with any resources we have available to help keep pets in their homes. We are dedicated to rescuing "underdogs" that are overlooked in our overpopulated shelters. Our rescue is not breed specific. We focus on the dogs who most need our help.

The black dogs. The sick dogs. The death row, hopeless dogs. The pit bull type dogs. The old and desperate dogs.


Ginny turns "1"
1st 150
The Bishop
2nd 132
3rd 116
Sir Ares and Princess Layla
4th 115
Ava Marie Suhling
5th 110
6th 109
Moses... ....
7th 109
8th 51
Loyal champion
9th 51
10th 51
Too cool for school
11th 50
12th 38
My Bruno Man
13th 35
Beautiful Blackberry
14th 30
15th 29
16th 25
Ace! King of the World!
17th 23
Snookie Sausage! <3
18th 19
Benny is EPIC!
19th 18
20th 16
Fun in the Sun
21st 16
Gretchen and Moki ruffing the camping life
22nd 15
23rd 13
Celena, Renato, and Finnegan
24th 12