Contest has ended
Total Raised $529.00
Contest Photo Rules
Basic and simple. Enter your pet(s) anytime from now until contest end. Each entry is a $5 donation, enter as many pets as you want. Photos can be of any type pet, we love them all!

People are allowed in the photo BUT please the pet should be the main subject in the photo.
Voting Rules
Voting will start on the 1st of March at 12:00AM EST, vote as often as you want. get your family and friends to make you pet a star and win you a little something AND help our rescue with our medical bills for pets we have rescued.

Votes are a dollar each or you can buy the special priced vote bundle of 12 votes for $10. You can buy this as many times as you like and use the votes however you want. You can buy votes at anytime and put them in your piggy bank to use later. You must register for an account to use your piggy bank.

If you only want to vote now, you can register or not, all votes are done via paypal. You do not need a paypal account to vote, you can use any credit card paypal accepts.