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Total Raised $295.00
Get your cameras ready because it is time for the very first CHA Animal Shelter Photo Calendar Entry Competition! Enter your favorite photo of your CHA Alumni for a chance to have it featured in our very first calendar.
Leonardo! sweetcat Culp
1st 3004
Reduce, Reuse, Recline
2nd 1984
Right at Home
3rd 1765
She's a Mystery
4th 1043
Merry Christmas
5th 1029
Wedding Season
6th 964
7th 946
8th 811
Hangry meets R2D2
9th 809
10th 799
Hankie Spankerton Esq.
11th 777
Dinner time helper
12th 720
Best Friends
13th 688
Snoozing on the couch.
14th 563
Ellie Mae
15th 471
16th 180
Phoebe and Julian
17th 157
Fun in the snow!
18th 130
Leo's looking for an adventure!
19th 117
Bexley loving her car rides!
20th 112
Sir Jackson
21st 91
Missed Santa
22nd 87
Jett learning what the "Good Life" is
23rd 71
Look MA I can DRIVE!
24th 65